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Stars Schedule

All classes are opened to students ages 3-5 who have little to no experience in class

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Full School 

Year Program

Tuition Price:

  $65.00 a month 

includes the following :

 Recital Tights 

    Recital Costume 

*Shoes and Flamenco costumes are hand made and are not included in tuition.  


Trial Classes

"Free trials" are an excellent way to see if your child is ready to dance. Unfortunately, trials tend to distract current students and due to overuse of this "free" policy, we now offer a $15.00 trial class. 

If you child loves the class, this $15 will be credited into your account . 

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Ballet  STARS

Ready, Set... Ballet is a very specific fun, creative Ballet movement class for our tiny dancers ages 

3-5  years old who want to explore Ballet , dance and most importantly, twirl and have tons of laughs! 

Ready, Set.... Ballet & Tap!

Ready, Set... Ballet & Flamenco!

Acro Stars! 

Ready, Set... DANCE  is  a combo class :

Ballet & Tap

Ballet & Flamenco 

AcroStars Gymnastics and Rhythm 

This :45 minute class is for  ages 3-5  years old 

 Own or Direct a Daycare , Recreational Program?

Dance With Us! 

Looking for a great fun and highly interactive dance program for a group of  little ones?

 Look no further!

 Alma offers 2 great classes for dancers in Ballet, Ballet/Tap  and Open Dance genres. 

ADA offers a comprehensive and fun dance classes that travels to your 

Daycare Center, Recreational Center and Halls/Studios/Gyms for your special group. 

Created by an Early Childhood Developer, we combine motor skills, coordination, exploration with dance basics. We travel to you! Contact us today