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2018-2019 Dance Tuition 

Annual Registration Fee (admin fee) is due annually on the date of registration :   

$30 per new family / $15 returning families

Siblings Discount: sibling qualifies for a 10% off their monthly tuition only, one sibling only . 

Tuition is due every 1st of the month, ACH or EFT are Highly suggested, online auto pay is required for students paying monthly 

Please read "tuition policy" section below for more information



Oct 10

Free trials are great, but by doing so it interrupts classes by the overuse of "free trials", it takes away from teacher salaries, classroom focus and may intimidate dancers.  Once the student registers, the trial payment will be added as credit for the 1st month of the final selected classes. 

16600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500

$ 65 monthly

1 class a week / 4 classes a month

monthly tuition for children ages 6-9



Oct 10

2 classes a week / 8 classes a month


16600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500



Oct 10

3 classes a week / 12 classes a month

16600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500



4 classes a week / 16 classes a month

16600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500



Oct 10

5 classes a week / 20 classes a month

16600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500



Oct 10


16600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500

Ballet Classes & Examinations

Our goal at A.D.A is train well rounded dancers, therefore Ballet is a core class at our studio. All dancers must highly consider enrolling in Ballet classes as part of their core dance training. Dancers over the age of 9 are to meet a minimum of 2 classes at our studio, with Ballet being the foundation. Examinations will occur in early Fall of every year. Students receive grades and certifications of completion per each grade level passed.  *EXAMINATION fee does apply, TBD

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ADA Policies 

  • Ballet Exams are in June
  • Recital is in October
  • a Hardcopy Handbook is given to all dance family joining ADA in the Fall.
  • ADA strives to build technically advanced, well rounded dancers, therefore,we highly  recommend all children over the age of 8  to take 2 dance disciplines, Ballet one of the core classes
  • Add/Drops are allowed until 01/02
  • ADA students are serious about learning, therefore we strive for only 8  absences a year.
  • Bullying-social or in person- is NOT tolerated, parents will be informed on expulsion from ADA and no refunds should be expected
  • a signed Parent Agreement and Waiver must be signed in order to participate in class and all events
  • dancers and parents are expected to attend class on time
  • All contact information, including emails, are expected to be updated as 90% of our communication is via email. 
  • We strive to be an eco-friendly organization, so 90% of all of our paperwork will be handled electronically
  • families are encouraged to trust the ADA process and understand the Handbook given to all ADA families.
  • Free trials are great, but by doing so it interrupts  classes by the overuse of "free trials", it takes away from teacher salaries, classroom focus and may intimidate a dancer.
  • Classes are held monthly,  that's 4 weeks  in  a  month.  for the  occasional month  that we  have 5 weeks,  classes  will  still be held at no additional  charge. 
  • Parents, siblings, dancers,students, guests  and  friends must respect the code of ADA mission and policy.
  • please  make a scheduled meeting with  our management  team if you ever  need  to discuss any  business
  • ALL students receive 2 FREE recital tickets

Tuition Policies

  • tuition/ classes  run from September - June with July dedicated to Workshops and Camps. 
  • August is Examination pre-evaluations and Recital preparations.. 
  • All tuition is due between the 1st - 7th of every month.
  • NEW registration fee: $30
  • Continuing  students: $15
  • First 2  months of  tuition , Costume  deposit  and registration is due at sign up  FOR  ALL STUDENTS 
  • ALTHOUGH tuition  is  payable  monthly, we highly  advise to  follow our payment breakdown    at  the studio 
  • We  strongly encourage  ACH  or  EFT  for all  students
  • Payments  paid in full  receive a 10% discount
  • Bi-monthly payments receive 5% discount
  • return check policy: $25
  • online payments are processed immediately and can be saved during your  online registration process. your information is safe and will not be sold to third parties. 
  • There are  no refunds on any tuition,  ADA will honor credit towards future tuition and/or summer intensive. 
  • all dancers must be in good tuition standing to participate in events
  • we DO SUPPLY dancers with a scholarship , if applicable
  • All students receive a prorated tuition that includes ALL federal holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  

  • Payment  Breakdown:
  • 1st payment: registration,  costume deposit, first / second month of tuition  (FOR ALL  STUDENTS) 
  • 2nd  payment:  third/ fourth months  of  tuition and costume deposits 
  • 3rd  payment: fifth / sixth months of tuition and  costume balance
  • 4th  payment:   seventh/ eight  months of tuition  
  • 5th payment: ninth / tenth months 
  • "EARLY  BIRD"  PRICING : JULY only - free
  • August: $15.00 reg fee
  • Sept: $30 reg fee

Costume Policies & Uniforms

  • costume deposits  are due  for all students during  the  1st Payment 
  • Balances for all costumes are due during  the  2nd  payment
  • Flamenco costumes are to be paid in Full before  an order  is  placed; please see director for costume price as they will vary
  • All costumes are measured from the dancers specific body measurements taken on the first week of October  and the first week  of November.
  • Costumes are always yours  to keep
  • We allow 2 inches of girth and 1 inch in bust to allow space for growth 
  • Castanets must be purchased with our dance director, directly.
  • Flamenco shoes can be purchased  with our director 

  • Dance Dress Code:
  • dress code / age appropriate dress code strictly enforced
  • dancers must  wear  appropriate  shoes to  all classes
  • we offer dance wear and accessories on-site
  • Visit: DiscountDance.com ; enter teacher code: 119452 ; drop link: Alma Rehearsals for all your dance needs
  • ADA dance t-shirts, pants, shorts, practice  flamenco  skirts  and accessories  are available  for purchase  at  our studio 
  • Competition students can purchase should and  are  required  to purchase  "official team  jackets"
  • Recreation  students can also  purchase  jackets

Class Policies 

  • We do offer trials for all incoming students at $15.00 per trial. If you choose to sign-up, a $15.00 credit will be added on to your tuition for that starting month. 
  • Free trials are great, but by doing so it interrupts classes by the overuse of "free trials", it takes away from teacher salaries, classroom focus and may intimidate a dancer.
  • Appointments for trials are always welcome.
  • All ADA students understand that there is ZERO BULLYING policy, on social media and/or in person.  
  • No cell phones, no recordings of routines/classes unless notified otherwise by instructor 
  • Dancers MUST to wear ADA colors, team shirts and team gear
  • Studio Gear, apparel, are available at the Studio
  • Dance footwear must be used in all classes, please initial or mark your belongings incase they end up in the Lost & Found
  • We enforce teamwork, encouragement and positive support in all of our classes
  • Talking is kept to a minimum, questions are highly encouraged! 

Competition Policies

  • ADA will officially participate in 5 regional competitions
  • competition dates are in our official calendar distributed in  August/ September of every year
  • entry fees vary
  • 1st and 2nd competition is due : October 30
  • 3rd and 4th competition is due: January 6
  • 5th and 6th competition is due: February 20 (if applicable)
  • all entry fees, including solos/duets, and modeling must be paid on time in order to avoid penalty fees (90 days prior to  competition  date)
  • no refunds/ no transfers will be honored on entry fees. 
  • soloist/ duet fees will be available to invited dancers with a hardcopy information packet
  • World Dance Championships entry fees are TBD upon invitation
  • Hispanic  Youth  Showcase  will be determined on students  passing audition  hosted  by that organization. 
  • Dancers and parents must to wear school colors, team t-shirts and team jackets available via our studio
  • Dancers who wish to participate in competition, ARE NOT ALLOWED TO MISS MORE THAN 5 REHEARSALS PER DANCE SEASON